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“I have been using BehaviourOnline with students throughout the term with great success. It gets across important points about their behaviour and attitudes.”

Francis Johnson,
Gladesmore School,
London (8th Dec 2018)


Testimonials & Comments:

Find out what people are saying about BehaviourOnline.

“This is a very useful tool. It is user friendly and very accessible.”
From Ruth Green, SENCO/EBD teacher, Bedfont Junior School, Feltham

“I love using it with my kids. It’s fantastic and covers all the points about behaviour that we try to teach them.”
From Katy Phillips, Conifers Park Primary School, Weymouth

“The interactive material reinforces the school’s code of conduct & promotes social, emotional & behavioural growth.”
From Christine Meekley, Headteacher, Cheadle Heath Primary, Stockport

“Through the interactive materials, the child uses a number of literacy skills as well as reflecting on what he/she has done. There has been a marked improvement in Jake’s behaviour towards other children.”
From June Fearn: Ellis Junior School, Barnsley

“This new version is far superior and will be useful in one-one behaviour support as well as a central resource in the classroom.”
From Paula Dale, Primary teacher/behaviour support, Lincluden Primary school, Dumfries

“The worksheets are excellent as they encompass aspects of restorative justice into the reflection. I send them home with students so that parents can continue the discussions at home.”
Ian Price, Head of Junior School, Carbrook Campus, Queensland.

“Just to say how much this has helped me-and I’ve only been using it for a very short time. I run an internal exclusion unit within Tower Hamlets.”
From Ben Nobes, Langdon Park School, London

“This is a valuable resource, impressive!”
From Mrs. Gail Hudson, Leadership Team Admin; William Brookes School, Shropshire

“We have been searching for this type of resource for two years.”
From M. Jordan, Eltham Green Sports College

“I wish this had been around when I was a Head of Year. It would have saved me much time & effort.”
From Leon D.Puchala, Deputy Head, Dene Community School of Technology, Peterlee

“It’s not only the interactive content that has been well thought-out. It’s the accessibility of it for our pupils. I congratulate your team.”
From Keith Bromage, Dycorts School, Essex.

“I have been using your BehaviourOnline with the students at our school throughout the term with great success. It gets across important points about their behaviour and attitudes.”
From Francis Johnson, Gladesmore School, London

“The students were fascinated with it. Anything that incites their interest as this did is a valuable commodity. I feel it is excellent value for money. I am very impressed with the whole concept.”
From Adrian Nuttall, LSU Manager, Kaskenmoor School, Oldham

“I now use it as an important element in my work and it’s the envy of other behaviour support staff when I show it to them. I think it’s good value for money.”
From David V Low. Head of Fresh Start Behavioural Unit, Springwood High School, Kings Lynn

“The scope of the product is enormous and would be a positive contributor to improved behaviour in any school.”
From Ms HA Thomas (Social Inclusion Coordinator) Westbourne High School in Ipswich

“Excellent resource”
From: Mark Tishler: Macquarie Fields High School, NSW Australia

“It is a great resource by the way, a natural progression from Conduct File (which we also purchased from you)”
From: Steve Lang: Yr 8 and International Perspective Co-ordinator Kedron State High School, Queensland, Australia

“I am responsible for behaviour management at my school. I am very impressed with this behaviour resource”
From: Dan Lourigan: Assistant Principal, St Mary’s College, Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

“I am finding the resource terrific. We are making it mandatory when students are on time-out or suspension”
From Chris O'Sullivan, Covenant School, New South Wales, Australia

“The content looks outstanding and would be a great resource for our College”
From Ryan Campbell, Secondary Coordinator, Blue Hills College, New South Wales, Australia

“The topics covered in BehaviourOnline are relevant to problems which may arise in schools and the messages inherent in the material are positive and seem designed to instil ‘accepted’ values. The focus is not inconsistent with the expectations of ‚ÄúSocial Inclusion: Pupil Support.”
From NAHT The Association for all School Leaders

“A must have for all schools. It is a resource that can make a difference. In a creative and supportive way it enables students to work through their challenges in an engaging style. This resource can make a difference.”
From Rob Long (Independent Behaviour trainer)

“I sometimes encounter products that I believe are of great use to staff working with challenging learners. BehaviourOnline gives staff a tool to use with such learners and it helps them reflect on their behaviour and how to avoid certain situations in the future.”
From Dave Vizard (Independent Behaviour trainer)

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Website: (BehaviourOnline has a 5* rating from schoolzone webguide)
“This is an excellent, well written site which provides articles, software and links to other sites about behaviour in the classroom. This site was very easy to use and is one I would recommend you took the time to visit and look at what is on offer. The site has a wide range of articles on behaviour, including the latest in news, which would make it a useful resource for teachers and students to use. The material would be of especial use to new teachers, who are still learning about behaviour....”
“It is well designed. Much of its strengths lies in its numerous video clips which are well constructed and acted and pupils should find this approach attractive. It is labour-saving for the teacher. The printable materials are also of high quality.”
From Schoolzone