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“I have been using BehaviourOnline with students throughout the term with great success. It gets across important points about their behaviour and attitudes.”

Francis Johnson,
Gladesmore School,
London (8th Dec 2018)



Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) will help you find answers to some typical questions about a variety of aspects of BehaviourOnline.


Q: What is BehaviourOnline?

A: BehaviourOnline is the natural progression to the web of over a decade of behaviour materials & tools developed by Behaviour UK & used in schools in various formats from print, video & interactive.

Topics & materials are 90% content for pupils to use to improve behaviour, with 10% aimed at teacher access / function to manage their objective.

This gives a 100% real-time behaviour tool.

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Q: I have other software or resources so what makes yours different?

A: Unlike many other software resources, our proven content is unique in that it is developed by Behaviour specialists and teachers to actually address the causes of bad behaviour and poor discipline at all levels – from individuals to whole class groups. Using a growing range of dramatised, interactive and thought provoking content it is designed for use both as a response to bad behaviour and a pre-emptive tool.

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Q: How does your pricing work?

A: Pricing is per school rather than on a per pupil basis and is based on a whole school site licence for simplicity. A subscription to our content is cheaper than the cost of a typical monthly magazine subscription.

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Q: How often do you update the resource?

A: is updated throughout the school year. We add new movie clips and a range of new behaviour topics for pupils, with features and content for staff use. As a community we welcome input & suggestions for new behaviour topics & features that you would like us to create.

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Q: If I have not yet subscribed, how can I search & view materials?

A: The easiest way to view sample materials is to view sample materials available for visitors in: Pupil Materials Overview & Samples

Visitors have access to viewing sample topics to evaluate. The search tool enables you to view the extent of the library & topics covered in the various material formats.

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Q: How do I search for a list of the topics I require?

A: Our Behaviour Materials Search Panel operates for visitors in the same way that it does for full access members. This is located on the right of your screen.

Choosing a pre-defined topic from the drop down menu and doing a search will produce a list of topics, material type & relevant ability level available in the library, depending on the search fields selected.

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Q: When I subscribe, who may access the materials within my school?

A: Your BehaviourOnline subscription is for a whole school site licence. Your subscription is for 12 months and covers use within your school, which allows you:

  • Unlimited access by any and all staff that you permit within your school, by any teachers and children at anytime and on any device e.g. whiteboards, laptops, computer suites etc.
  • Unlimited access at home by all teachers.
  • Free unrestricted access to all content updates and improvements.

Your subscription does not permit use outside of your school in other establishments or by staff who do not work within your school.

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Q: Where am I allowed to use BehaviourOnline?

A: Your Access Code is private for use within your school or establishment only. It must not be shared or used with anyone outside of your school or establishment.

Your account code is not to be used on an outreach basis.

This means that if your school has bought a licence to use BehaviourOnline then you are allowed to use the system anywhere in your school, or anywhere outside the school (or for example to plan your work from home in the evening) provided that the material is only used with pupils from your school.

Similarly, if your licence has been bought by an outreach service such as a pupil referral unit, then the licence to use BehaviourOnline materials is only for pupils attending that referral unit and you are not allowed to visit local schools on an outreach basis and use your licence with pupils from those schools.

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Q: How and in what situations can I use the various materials?

A: As a behaviour improvement tool, BehaviourOnline is ideal for use by individual pupils after a misdemeanour or as a sanction. It can also be used as a resource for individual behaviour issues to be addressed in a preventative way within a full class or small group situation as part of a whole school improvement.

The use of Digital Learning Resources is ever increasing. You will find our materials invaluable for one-to-one behaviour support, or as a positive sanction. As a resource you will find it has wider applications as a whole-school approach to use in assemblies, detention and more. BehaviourOnline is time-saving for staff, with benefits for the whole school.

To understand further the potential please visit:- How Teachers Use to explore the Teacher Features and using the materials & content & Behaviour Learning Objectives.

You can also access samples of the materials.

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Q: Philosophy, Practice and Counselling Theory behind BOL

A: As in all organisations, managing conflict is part of daily life in a school community. Hostility between members of that community, if worked through positively, may bring about change, leading to new and better relationships. Often problems may occur simply because behaviour appropriate for one situation is not appropriate in another.

Fusing the theory behind two accepted forms of counselling and psychotherapy, Behaviour Therapy and Reality Therapy are the two concepts upon which the materials base their structure.

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